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Kaz's Scribblings

Realm of the Genficcer

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About me:

I'm a fannish German maths student in her mid-twenties with an interest in social justice. I'm on Dreamwidth as Kaz and prefer to interact with people there if you're on DW yourself. There's an intro post over there as well which tells you more about me. My DW is less locked than my LJ, which is mostly flocked, because of differing comfort levels. However, if you're not on DW and want to friend me feel free to drop a comment telling me who you are and why you want to talk to me and I'll probably friend you. :)

Last updated December 2010, so you can imagine how badly out of date this is.
aang, accolay, algebra, alphonse elric, alter!series, amras, amrod, analysis, angst, anime, apocalyptica, arabic, araiso, asexuality, asperger's syndrome, atheism, athrabeth finrod ah andreth, autism, avatar, bach, baldur's gate, baldur's gate ii, beethoven, being a maths geek, being a tolkien purist, being really damn eccentric, borodin, caranthir, celebrimbor, cfud, cho hakkai, choir, classical music, complex analysis, complex numbers, cooking, cowboy bebop, crazy crossovers, cycling, death note, descriptivism discworld, discworld, doppelkopf, drabbles, e, edinburgh, edward elric, elves, english, executive committee, fandom, fandom wank, fanfiction, fma, foreign languages, forgotten realms, french, gaelic, gen, genfic, genjo sanzo, genjyo sanzo, german, good fanfiction, harry potter, history of middle earth, house m.d., i, infinity, ishida uryuu, ishine, j.r.r. tolkien, japanese, japanese mahjong, kingdom hearts, kyou kara maou, larp, latin, learning new foreign languages, linguistics, logic, lord of the rings, maedhros, maes hughes, maglor, mahjong, making cups of tea, making fun of fangirls, manga, mathematics, meta, middle earth, mini-balrogs, mocking badfics, mocking fangirls, mocking in general, monty python, morrowind, mozart, murata ken, noldor, number theory, parental!roy, piano, pink dude/blue guy, playing with photoshop, proper use of statistics, pure mathematics, quenya, reading, riichi mahjong, ring theory, riza hawkeye, roy mustang, rpgs, saiyuki, sam vimes, sarcasm, schandmaul, science, scotland, shindai, shinou, shinou/sage, sil-galad, silmarillion, silmficcers, skat, sketching, speaking in tongues, subway to sally, sugar, tea!, telemann, tenpou gensui, terry pratchett, the elder scrolls, the shibboleth of feanor, the silmarillion, topology, trigun, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, urple prose, verdi, vignettes, violin, vvardenfell, wild adapter, writing